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Well Man Check

Full health screening Consisting of 2 visits available by appointment:

Visit 1: Attend the Nurse.
  1. Health Questionnaire including:
    • Weight; Height & BMI.
    • Social & Family History.
    • Medical & Surgical History.
    • Medications & Allergies.
  2. Fasting Blood investigations including:
    • Liver/Kidney Function.
    • Diabetes Screen.
    • Thyroid Check.
    • Cholesterol Check.
    • Prostate Check.
  3. Physical Examinations:
    • ECG if indicated.
    • Blood Pressure Check.
    • Urinalysis.

Visit 2: Attend the Doctor: 2 weeks later

  1. Physical Examination including:
    • Head, Neck, & ENT.
    • Respiratory, cardiovascular & abdominal.
    • Prostate and Testicular (if indicated), and advice on self-examination.
  2. Blood Test results Discussed.
  3. Health Promotion & Lifestyle Advice including:
    • Diet, exercise, stress management & smoking cessation.
  4. Impotence Advice and Treatment.
  5. Referrals to consultants or referral for further tests if required.

    Total Cost for both visits: €225.

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