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Men's Health

  1. Prostate Health
  2. Testicular Health
  3. Erectile Dysfunction

    Prostate Health

    Our doctors can give advice on prostate health, and perform relevant examinations. The nurse also can carry out a PSA (blood test on the prostate gland), and administer prostate injections if it is necessary.

    Testicular Health

    We can also give advice on testicular health, perform relevant examinations, and give instruction in self-examination.

    For more information on prostate/testicular cancer you can read an article by Dr. Tony Foley on the website by clicking here:


    Erectile Dysfunction

    Often suffered, less often reported, erectile dysfunction can be a taboo subject for many men. Doctor's interpersonal skills have hopefully improved over the years but men still grapple with this most personal of disclosures

    An inability to acquire or maintain an erection satisfactory for sexual intercourse is referred to as erectile dysfunction (ED). Formerly called impotence, ED has traditionally been regarded as an inevitability of the aging process. But, thanks to a better understanding of the processes involved, better treatment options and changing attitudes many ED myths can be debunked. Indeed men can and do remain sexually active into their twilight years.

    An occasional inability to maintain an erection happens to most men, is normal and should not be regarded as ED. However ongoing problems do warrant discussion with your GP.

    We now know there are many different causes of ED, of both physical and psychological origins and so management of the problem is dependent on the root cause. Physical problems however are known to predominate, and can be treated.