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Phlebotomy (Blood Tests)

Is a daily service offered by appointment each morning (Mon-Fri), this services is run by our Nurse. Your Doctor will order whatever blood test you need, please book your appointment at reception. The nurse will give you a card with a phone number to ring to obtain your results.

Monday- Friday between 2pm and 2.45pm for all your results.

Phone Number: 087 1343131

FASTING RULE: It is necessary to fast 12 hours for cholesterol test and 12 hours for glucose test.

INR (Warfarin Levels) checked.

Patients on warfarin because of a risk factor for clotting can have their INR levels checked. It takes 24-48 hrs to get a result from the labs, and the doctor then decides on the correct dose of warfarin, and when the patient should next attend for an INR check.

A Courier Service:

brings blood,and other samples, such as urine and swabs to the Cork University Hospital Labs at 1 0'Clock daily (Mon-Fri), because of this all blood tests are carried out in the mornings.

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