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Kinsale Family Doctors

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Accident and Emergency

Small cuts and wounds will be assessed by doctors at the surgery and advice will be given as to the best method of management. Some smaller wounds may be suitable for "gluing" together or sticking together with steri-strips. Some more serious cuts may need suturing which the doctor can do here at the surgery. However in some cases the doctor may decide the wound needs to be treated in a A&E department, because of the seriousness of the wound, or because it needs the attention of a plastic surgeon. If you have private insurance this may cover suturing.

If you have an injury and you are unsure whether you have a broken bone, you should attend your GP first who will assess whether you actually require an x-ray or not. We can then decide what option is best for you (private or public x-ray facilities), and give you a referral letter accordingly. You will not be charged in A&E subsequently, if you arrive with a letter from your GP.

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When should I go to the A&E department?

If you have an injury that you believe will require alot of stitching or definitely needs an x-ray, or if you have sudden chest pain, breathlessness or severe pain elsewhere in your body, then it is appropriate for you to go straight to A&E. If you have a condition which has been present for 2 or 3 days, or which is a minor nuisance only, then it may be more appropriate to go to your GP. Patients are assessed on arrival at A&E and given a priority, and so if you attend with a problem that does not need urgent treatment, you may be allocated a low priority and may wait some time to see a doctor.